We are always proud to say that our wines can be found in many countries around the world, but in this occasion, we entered the homes of Korean wine lovers by being featured in a book: “Your Second Spain, Valencia” by Kate MinJeong. 

The book is focused on the stories and hidden gems of Valencia that are not well known but are definitely worth it discovering. 

Winemaking has been part of the Valencian culture for centuries and of course Kate wanted to share this millennial tradition with her readers. She visited our family-run winery and learned about the very special wine we release under the Vino de Pago appellation – considered to be Spain’s most prestigious terroir reference -, discovered our vineyards where we practice organic viticulture and follow the principles of biodynamics, and got to know that wines can also be suitable for vegans, as it in the case of Vegalfaro wines.

Click here to see the final result and check the pages featuring the visit to Vegalfaro and interview with our winemaker Rodolfo.

The book is currently available on the #1 bookstore chain in Korea “Kyobo Book” and you can purchase it on this link.

If you want to know more about Kate, follow her adventures on Instagram.